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Law of Self Defense class coming to Nashville Armory on August 20th – Save 10%

Law of Self Defense

You know that Attorney Andrew Branca sponsors The GunBlog VarietyCast. You’ve heard Erin, Adam, and I tell you how great his live, in person, state specific Law of Self Defense Seminars are. So why haven’t you taken one yet?

It’s probably too late to take the Raleigh seminar. At last look there were only two spots left in a 50 person class. But if you live in Tennessee, or Kentucky you should sign up IMMEDIATELY for his seminar in Nashville, TN on August 20th.  You’ve spent $4-600 on a handgun. You’ve spent however much your state charges for a Concealed Handgun Permit. Why wouldn’t you spend $150 learning the law so you can stay out of prison if you ever have to use your handgun in self defense?


The class is worth every penny of the $150 that Andrew is charging. But I’ve got a discount code that will save you 10%.

Click on this link 

And use discount code “Variety” at checkout and receive 10% off.

Don’t live in Tennessee or Kentucky? Take a look at all of the other classes he’s got scheduled.

August 13 – Oregon and Washington specific – Sherwood, OR
September 10 – Alabama specific – Talladega, AL
September 17 – Minnesota and Wisconsin specific – La Crosse, WI
October 1 – Pennsylvania and New Jersey specific – Bensalem, PA
October 15 – New York specific – Poughkeepsie, NY
October 22 – Iowa specific – Johnston, IA

The discount code “Variety” works for every one. And don’t forget to tell a friend!