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  1. Charles

    I have a dozen episodes under my belt since discovering you all, and appreciate the different tack you have taken away from other podcasts. However (Highfalutin for “but”) in reference to episode 78 with Gabe Suarez, I think you missed a great opportunity to get into the weeds with him. Not sure if you knew this but he is the first to fully incorporate the RMR concept into the conceal carry arena. No one was talking about this. Early on he took a lot of flak from the community, now everyone is ringing the cow bell Will Farrell style. Not knowing the time constraints that you are under I feel that the questions could have been fleshed out with more give and take and deeper follow ups. Other than that been enjoying the “President Barack Obama Town Hall Barack Obama Guns In America” series, some points were made that even I didn’t catch, good stuff. Keep pumping them out, I’ll keep downloading.

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