Episode 2


Surprising International news!

  • We are BIG in Sweden. We’ve been downloaded 5 times!!! Thank you to all our Swedish fans! Other countries include Singapore, Germany, Canada, and China. We’re glad to have all of our listeners, no matter where they come from.

Blue Collar Prepping

Felons Behaving Badly

Kevin Baker – Gunblogger Rendezvous Sept 4-7 Reno, NV

Strange NC and TN gun laws

Al Arma

Fun With Headlines

Tech Tips with The Barron

This Week in Anti-Gun Nuttery

Stuff that grinds my gears

Thanks again to Robb Allen for our music, and thank you for listening to the GunBlog VarietyCast!

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  3. Chris

    Spot on with the grinds my gears segment. Makes by brain want to chew a hole through the back of my skull.

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