Erin needs new audio equipment

Can you help?

We are VERY close to our first goal of $330 to start upgrading Erin’s audio recording capabilities. Once we hit that level, we’re going to buy a Zoom H5 with accessories.

Zoom H5

It’s $320 plus tax on Amazon

After that, we need to pick up about $20 worth of cables, a headphone amp


and a decent headset ($80)


When we’re done, Erin will have the ability to record her own interviews, plus will have better control of her locally recorded audio for the podcast.

Can we count on your support?

There are three basic options for supporting the podcast

Amazon Gift Card – Just email the electronic gift card to [email protected]

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Monthly Subscription

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Anyone who donates $5 or more gets a GunBlog VarietyCast sticker.

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