Is this a valid case? A discussion with Andrew Branca

The internet famous videographer Mike Strickland of Laughing at Liberals is now the center of a controversy. Gateway Pundit calls it

Conservative Activist Jailed After Pulling Gun on Gang of Thugs Trying to Kick His A$$ (Video)

They’re not exactly neutral about it. They posted this video

Based entirely on this video, I had a Facebook conversation with our sponsor, attorney Andrew Branca of Law of Self Defense. Since everyone is apparently pinging Andrew on this, he asked me to publish the conversation so he could point to it rather than offer the same analysis over and over again on Facebook.

These are all screenshots from my Facebook page.

Laughing At Liberals 1 Laughing At Liberals 2 Laughing At Liberals 3 Laughing At Liberals 4 Laughing At Liberals 5 Laughing At Liberals 6 Laughing At Liberals 7

There is more, but it isn’t really relevant.

As you can see, this is very complicated with a lot of things that could go very badly for Mike Strickland.

Here’s another not very neutral report on the situation.

Here’s What 4 Cops & a 2-A Activist Saw When They Watched ‘Man Pulls Gun on PDX Protesters’ Video

Where this video was posted. To be clear, Andrew did not watch this video before he commented.

Now my take. I think it was justified. I am convinced that he would be an idiot not to believe that the mob, in hoods and masks, would not have attacked him. He backed down and backed down and backed down until he was arrested.


  • Huge number of mags. He had 1 large magazine in his handgun (which was NOT a Glock 18, despite what “Mike Bluehair” said in the second video). He had two in mag pouches on his left hip and two in his pockets
    • Justification – Sacramento and Dallas. I already carry three mags. One in the gun and two in a double mag pouch. That’s 37 rounds of .45ACP. If I carried a 9mm (I’m planning on buying a SIG P320 Compact) I’ll be carrying 46 rounds. Is another two mags, not very accessibly stored in his pocket all that bad? Dallas was only a few days ago. He was at a Black Lives Matter rally in Portland. Is it completely off the wall to believe that he could end up lobbing rounds at a terror shooter? I don’t think so. And in Sacramento, the “anti-fascist” mob attacked white supremacists and the cops did nothing. They also attacked media at that event. Running out of ammo would be a horrible idea in a situation like that.
  • He didn’t immediately leave after the confrontation.
    • This is addressed in the “Mike Bluehair” video. Mike Bluehair repeatedly tells everyone “He was afraid to turn his back.” We all know what happens when prey starts running. Dogs chase.
  • He “went there” in the first place.
    • Umm, he had a right to be there and film newsworthy events. Duh. But that’s going to be hard to sell to a liberal jury in Portland.

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5 thoughts on “Is this a valid case? A discussion with Andrew Branca

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  3. Kristophr

    Oregon law is quite specific here. Three unarmed adults initiating an attack can justify the use of lethal force in self defence. An attack by five or more in a “riotous mob” is also a slam dunk.

    He could have gotten away with simply shooting them, but you can bet a Portland prosecutor will make a long legal battle of it. Anywhere outside of the Willamette valley, he would not have even been charged.

  4. Cpt. Morgan

    Black Lives Matter’s goal is not to harm whites. That’s kind of racist, really. “Dogs chase’? Sorry, there was no sign of anyone threatening him. We’ve all watched the video.

  5. Sean D Sorrentino Post author

    “That’s kind of racist, really. ‘Dogs chase’?”

    Well, if you want to call me ‘racist’ for pointing out that dogs chase prey that runs away, go ahead. Especially given that the crowd that was advancing on him aggressively (which you would have noticed had you ACTUALLY WATCHED THE SECOND VIDEO) is mostly white.

    Watch it again. It’s just the first 12 seconds. It’s not even that much time commitment.

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